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      Focusing on industry concerns, leading the application of new technique.
      Yaspeed help its customer success in their business.

      Warm Congratulations to Yaspeed Information for Successful Listing on NEEQ

      Published on Jan. 22, 2016 Source: Yaspeed Information

      Before Spring Festival, on Jan. 22, 2016, Shanghai Yaspeed Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“Yaspeed Information” for short) witnessed an important moment in the history of the company. Yaspeed was successfully listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (“NEEQ” for short). The stock name is “Yaspeed Information” and the stock code is 835468.

      10 years after Yaspeed was founded in 2003, we have finally made the present achievement. Headquartered in Shanghai, the Company has set up Shanghai Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Yaspeed has also established Financial Software Research and Development Centers in Beijing, Nanchang, and Hefei. Over 80% of our employees either hold doctors or master degrees, or are senior professional technology consultants and application developers. The Company possesses strong core competitiveness in big data and the financial application field, and occupies the leading position in the world.

      Yaspeed Information is devoted to big data processing with GPU and other parallel computing technology and financial intelligent service. Yaspeed Information is the strategic cooperation partner of NVIDIA. Since foundation, the Company has been engaging in services and products for financial business and financial big data. Most of our customers are leading companies, and our products and services have been deeply utilized in the financial industry. The Company now offers a series of products, including bank center operation systems, credit business systems, enterprise service bus systems (ESB), CRM software systems, and DataTurbines big data cloud platform.

      Yaspeed’s GPU-based super-high-speed data processing center and super-high-speed data query center have been successfully applied in the banking industry. The big data query speed is over 500 times faster than traditional databases, and the speed of the huge-data processing business and night-run batches increased by 100 times. Yaspeed’s financial big data products will greatly promote the application of big data in fields like finance, telecommunication, government, aviation, and traffic.

      Yaspeed Information was successfully listed on NEEQ, moving Yaspeed Information out into the Chinese capital market and into a new rapid development stage. We hereby acknowledge all those who give trust, assistance, and support to our company. We will unite as one, standardize our management, accelerate our development pace, and try to build a more excellent and sustainably developed enterprise so as to reward our shareholders as well as the society, and make a greater contribution to the national technological innovation. Wish Yaspeed Information a better future!

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