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      Focusing on industry concerns, leading the application of new technique.
      Yaspeed help its customer success in their business.

      Yaspeed Highly Appraised
      in National Annual Academic Meeting of High Performance Computing

      Reported on Nov.10, 2015 Source: Yaspeed Information

      Yaspeed Information, as a business partner of NVIDIA, took part in the National Annual Academic Meeting of High Performance Computing (HPC China) held on Nov. 10, 2015. This session of HPC China held a focus on recent development and the application of new technology in high performance computing technology.

      DataTurbines, a leading GPU-based MPP data base, developed by Yaspeed , was highly appraised during HPC China. The database performance could be accelerated more than 400 time in a application for a local retail banking”, told by Dr. Jun Xie, Chief Scientist at Yaspeed, to the media. “The data is so big that conventional database technology fails in speed”.

      DataTurbines is a powerful database product which can be applied to big data industries such as finance and telecommunications sectors. The core technique is the GPU based large-scale parallel computing.

      DataTurbines is de facto a platform for big data processing , integrate Hadoop ,RDBMA and R cluster,s enable stable, high speed and higher flexibility in daily batch and ad hoc query service.

      DataTurbines power the database application by means of GPU based parallel computing. A typical retail bank with 60 million customer, 100 million accounts, analysis of behavior of the customers for such bank can be faster than any RDMBS or Hadoop for more than 450 times.

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