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      ABOUT US

      about us

      Shanghai Yaspeed Information Technology is devoted to providing high-performance database based on GPU and parallel computing technology.Yaspeed also provides bank information systems and intelligent service. For years, Yaspeed has been doing business with global financial institutions and enterprises.The Company is steadfast in its pursuit of exciting research and development of new techniques in order to continue to provide high quality products and service to its customers.
      Shanghai Yaspeed Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, and renamed from Yaspeed Information Technology Service (Shanghai) Co.Ltd. through shareholding system reform in August 2015. The Company has branches in Beijing, Nanchang, and Hefei, and will set up a research and development center in Silicon Valley, USA. There are more than 150 local and international employees working at Yaspeed now, while over 80% of them hold either doctorate or master’s degrees, or are senior professional technology consultants and application developers. Yaspeed is a hi-tech company which focuses on developing world-leading software.
      The Company now offers a series of products including bank Centralized Processing center systems, credit business systems, enterprise service bus systems (ESB), CRM software systems, and DataTurbines big data cloud platform. The Company is the main strategic cooperation partner of IBM and SAP in the banking industry and is the strategic cooperation partner of NVIDIA in GPU technology. Since 2012, the annual growth rate in profit of Yaspeed has exceed 50%.

      Corporate culture

      • Customer Foremost, Service Oriented

        "Yaspeed Best IT Services for you." Providing the best service to customers is fundamental to long-term sustainable development for Yaspeed. As per the demand of customers and users, based on the project implementation of customers, we regularly check the systems, cultivate technicians, solve various technical problems in time, provide detailed instructions for usage and maintenance. Besides, we hear evaluations and opinions from our customers to help us providing best services. Our motto is “Yaspeed Best IT Services for you.”

      • Talent-focused, People-oriented

        Yaspeed respects the personality and dignity of every employee, respects the realization of their benefit and value, attaches great importance on talent cultivation, provides a comfortable and harmonious working environment, and provides complete career development plans for the sustainable development of our employees so as to maximally reflect the value of our staff.

      • 2003
        Yaspeed Information Technology Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded
      • 2005
        Obtained ISO9001 and CMMI3 international certification
      • 2015
        Renamed as Shanghai Yaspeed Information Technology Co., Ltd.
      • 2016
        Yaspeed Information was successfully listed on NEEQ

      Beijing Branch

      Contact Tel: +86 010 50603305

      Address: Room 1005, Building A, Landgent Center, No. 24, East Third Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

      Shanghai Headquarters

      Contact Tel: +86 21 33506807

      Address: Room 2206-2207, No. 6088, Humin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

      Hefei Branch

      Contact Tel: +86 551 62886410

      Address: Room 1622, Building 11, Xinwang Huafu Junyuan, Shushan District, Hefei City

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